Knickelbine Design


Havey & Associates, inc. has utilized Knickelbine Designs Services for about 50 projects over the past ten years. They have always produced a high quality product and met our timeline every time - even though our timelines have been short. They are creative, courteous, accountable and have always been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them very highly. I would recommend working with them. I look forward to working with them the next ten years!

Steve Havey
Havey & Associates, Inc.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Knickelbine Design. They give every project the same amount of attention regardless of size and make sure that everything that is created falls within our standards while still managing to make each piece look fresh. There are instances when I do not have time to go into much detail on a project, but I know that with very general guidance they will be able to create a piece that I will love. They always get it the first time around.

Greg Lyke
AGA Medical Corporation

I have worked with Knickelbine Design for many years and each time a new project draft is presented I'm wowed. Design is always forward-thinking, industry appropriate, and visually appealing. Knickelbine includes imagery and techniques no one else thinks up. The design time is less than half of what I've experienced with other graphic designers and the consistency across several pieces of collateral helps our company present much more professionally to our potential customers.

Jean Tate
Enventis Telecom
Knickelbine Design has proved to be a valuable resource for the presentation of our company image and for the marketing of our products and services. They have been instrumental in the development of an ongoing and comprehensive advertising campaign in our major trade publications. While these convey a consistent theme throughout, a new message is introduced in a unique and stylish manner. The development of collateral materials for our sales staff continues this pattern, tying together all the elements to form a unifying message and brand recognition.

Knickelbine Design may be even more powerful in their understanding of the needs and uses of non-print media. They have a full understanding of the demands required by website visitors regarding ease of navigation and quick access to information, while at the same time providing a pleasing visual experience.

I highly recommend Knickelbine Design.

Gail S. Frei